Hartshead One Place Study

Includes the villages of Clifton, Roberttown, Hightown and Scholes

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Hartshead St Peters

St Peters Church Hartshead from the front

Hartshead St Peters

St Peters Church Hartshead from the back

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One Place Study
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What is a one place study:

One Place Study Website

The prime objective is to transcribe the registers of christenings, marriages and burials of the parish church so they can be restructured into family order in a database. 
This is then correlated with other archival records such as tax, land and testamentary documents, and published as a biographical index.
Unlike a local history, which focuses on the past as described by residents, a one-place study can provide a statistical approach that reveals hidden relationships, particularly in homogeneous village communities where almost the entire population has inter-married over the centuries, and may even disprove local legends.

Hartshead O.P.S:

This one place study also includes the surrounding villages of Hightown, Roberttown, Clifton and Scholes.
Hartshead O.P.S is a member of the Society of one place studies it is where Family History and Local History Unite:

Description of Hartshead:

This beautiful church commands phenomenal views across the Yorkshire countryside and with connections to the Bronte family and Robin Hood, the historic church continues to inspire all who visit.

There are parts of the Church dating back to Norman times, with a wonderful porch arch and chancel arch showing all the best qualities of the Norman style. There are many other fascinating features of the church which has been restored over several generations.

Patrick Bronte was the vicar here at the beginning of the nineteenth century and his daughter Charlotte based her novel “Shirley” on the area. Hartshead Church appears as Nunelly in the book.

The actions of the Chartists and the Luddites are very much part of the local history. Luddites were allegedly buried in the churchyard after a violent engagement.

Robin Hood, who is said to have been buried in the nearby Kirklees Priory, has connection with the church here. Legend says that the old yew tree in the churchyard is the tree from which he made his final arrow! Some have recently suggested that his burial place is actually within the church grounds.

The Project:

Family History is not just about the dates and facts it’s putting some flesh to the bones.
 Travel back in time and bring your ancestors’ stories to life and hopefully this study will help to do that!  build a picture of the place in which they lived and learn what life was like there over the course of time. 

This website will bring you, historical records such as Grave transcriptions census records, parish records, newspapers, historical directories, maps, wills, tithe records etc to help you understand how different families were related or connected to each other and to build a picture of their trades and understand the lives of the inhabitants

This study will be ongoing and hopefully transcripts of these records will gradually find their way to this site in the not too distant future!

There is a new Baptism and Death data base were you can see birth & death together, also an index of name on gravestones.
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